An Introduction to PsychoPy (with a little bit of Python)

Presented during a lab meeting 10/2/2015

click here for here for the slides

click here for the PsychoPy experiments (with necessary files)-this version is most relevant to the Dobbins' lab; see below for more general example scripts.


PGSA Version of An Introduction to PsychoPy

Presented at PGSA brown bag 10/9/2015

click here for the slides

click here for psychopy component demos

click here for associative memory paradigm

click here for demo on branch your experiment

click here for a memory paradigm with EyeLink eye tracking code

click here for a recognition memory paradigm-with confidence ratings and a gender discrimination task at test


Helpful PsychoPy Links

Download PsychoPy here

A beginner's tutorial (builder)

A tutorial for the coder



Lisa A. Solinger